by Bernie Mesa

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Tempus by bernie Mesa

A Clock Like No Other

No other existing clock resembles TEMPUS in principle of operation, simplicity of design, or appearance. It is a unique time instrument, in a class of its own.

For more than eight hundred years, through the history of mechanical clocks, artisans, inventors, artists and scientists have made myriads of time instruments that serve many different purposes. 

Yet, the principles of mechanical clock design remain simple variations of the few basic designs used for centuries. Usually the force that moves the clock comes from a wound spring or from a weight, this in turn, drives a pendulum or balance wheel through an escapement mechanism.

In TEMPUS, the pendulum drives the clock. The pendulum oscillates with exact amplitude and time. It is kept in motion by a small electric impulse. The pendulum drives the clock by means fo a Maltese cross, which may be considered a escapement in reverse; it advances the gear train and clock hands. A simple and functional design gives TEMPUS its unique elegant appearance.

Tempus by bernie mesa

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